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If you like shopping, you might be happy to know that Margarita is a 'free port': you don't pay the Venezuela value added tax there. That is one reason why Venezuelans from the mainland like to go there - it's not only a beach destination but a superb shopping place for them. And because of the tourism, Porlamar is FULL of shops and stores. Clothing is especially easy to find. You can choose from elegant to the casual and cheap.

The island also has several shopping malls, for example Jumbo in the very center of Porlamar, Centro Comercial AB towards Pampatar, Centro Comercial La Redoma, Sigo mall just west of Porlamar, Rattan Plaza, a huge, elegant, and very popular mall Sambil, and a newer but somewhat smaller mall La Vela. There is also one big mall being constructed (as of 2011) between La Redoma and Rattan Plaza.

In the largest supermarkets Central Madeirense (CM), Sigo supermarkets, or UniCasa you will find large selections, comfortable grocery shopping, good quality fruits and vegetables, deli sections, freshly baked bread, etc. There are also lots and lots of smaller supermarkets here and there, of course.

Car renting is not a problem, and gas is extremely cheap in this oil-producing country. The variety without lead (which is the most expensive) has been around 100 bolivars a liter for years, and is so even in 2011. That translates into about 9 cents/gallon using the official exchange rate for dollar.

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Sambil mall

Inside La Vela mall

4 de Mayo 4

BP Gas Station

Beach Restaurant El Yaque

CM Central Madeirense Aisle

CM Central Madeirense Cheese Counter

CM Central Madeirense Outside

CM Cheeses Meats

CM Produce Section

CM Supermarket Bakery Counter

CM Supermarket Check Out

CM Supermarket Checkout

CM Supermarket Fish Counter

CM Supermarket Fruits Section

Candy Store

Car Rental Agencies

Car Rental

Car Rentals

Clothes hanging on fleamarket

Clothes on Fleamarket 2

Clothes on Fleamarket

Clothing Store

Condos On Porlamar Bay

Covered Outdoor Area Mall In Porlamar

Covered Outdoor Dining 4 de Mayo Street

Diverland Amusement Park

Diverland Entrance

Diverland Ferris Wheel


Drug Store

Fleamarket Aisle

Fleamarket Products

Fleamarket Towels

Fleamarket bags

Fleamarket store

Fleamarket vendor stands

Fruit market

GNC and Internet Cafe

Hotel Bella Vista

Hotel Le Flamboyant

Hotel On 4 de Mayo


Indoor Mini Mall

Indoor Shopping Area

Internet Cafe

Internet Service


Jumbo Shopping Mall

Los Robles Nursery

Mall Shopping


McDonalds Inside Mall

Mini Mall Eating Area

Music Store In Mall

Nice Restaurant

Open Air Entrance To Mall In Porlamar

Outdoor Dining Porlamar

Papagayo Restaurant

Porlamar 1

Porlamar 2

Porlamar 3

Porlamar 4

Porlamar 5

Porlamar 6

Porlamar Baked Goods

Porlamar Business 1

Porlamar Business 2

Porlamar Downtown

Porlamar Hospital 2

Porlamar Hospital

Porlamar Panaderia Bakery

Porlamar Shopping

Porlamar Skyline

Porlamar Store Inside

Porlamar Streets

Rattan Mall Parking Lot

Rattan Plaza Mall Escalator and Elevator

Rattan Plaza Shopping Mall

Rattan Plaza Shopping

Rattan Plaza Store

Restaurant 1

Restaurant For Fresh Fish

Restaurant and net


Senor Frogs Restaurant

Shoppers Porlamar

Shopping Mall 5

Shopping Mall on 4 de Mayo

Shopping Plaza

Sigo Mall Hallway

Sigo Mall Interior

Sigo Mall Music Store

Sigo Mall Perfume Store

Sigo Mall Shoppers

Sigo Mall Televisions For Sale

Sigo Supermarket Checkout

Sigo Supermarket Dairy Case

Sigo Supermarket Fruits

Sigo Vegetables and Fruit

Souvenirs at Fleamarket

Steak House Restaurant

Store Parking

Store Tommy Jeans


The Winds Restaurant

Unicasa Supermarket Fruit Section

Unicasa Supermarket

Wendys Restaurant

Window display Porlamar



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