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El Guamache port at Margarita island, Venezuela

El Guamache is the name of the cruiseship port/dock at Margarita island, Venezuela. Various cruiselines stop there regularly, such as The Princess Cruiseline ships, P&O cruiseline, Celebrity, and Holland America, plus several smaller ones.

El Guamache has seen major developments in recent years and is nowadays a very nice call stop for tourists from cruise ships to spend their time while on Margarita island. In January 2006 they received their one millionth visitor!

The port area has 120 vendor stalls selling jewelry, art, T-shirts, and a great variety of handicrafts in nice palm-frond roof booths. All are selling their handmade wares in US dollars, pounds, or euros, so there is no need to change money into bolivars if you're planning to stay in the port area and not go to see the island. The port area is about 45 minutes away fr om Porlamar (the main town on the island).

These artists' prices and quality of work has been praised by the tourists to be better than on many other Caribbean islands. So don't be afraid to go shopping - you will be pleasantly surprised!

There is a cultural dance show in the morning in the main plaza. There is live music and other forms of dancing throughout the whole day. There are also a few bars and you can find refreshments easily.

Artists are selling handmade crafts and jewelry in boothsThere is also a small but nice and very clean beach for cruise tourists to enjoy. The access to this beach is absolutely FREE and it has clean restrooms/toilets.

You can rent shaded lawn chairs, jet skis, paddle boats, and banana boats there. You will not see local islanders on this beach - it is reserved for tourists on cruise ships.

And, EL Guamache is a work in progress: the port is planning for even more activities for the season 2006-2007.

Please don't believe all negative things you might have heard about Isla Margarita or El Guamache port. There ARE things to do and buy and the area IS nice and enjoyable.

We are not just saying this but have a photo gallery for you to see for yourself.

Aloe Vera Vendor

Artist With Wooden Crafts

Bar at Port

Beach El Guamache

Ceramic Fish and Figurines

Cruiseship Docked

Cruiseship Tourists Shopping

Dancers Entertainment

Earring Vendor

Glass Art Jewelry

Glass Jewelry

Handicrafts Vendor Booths

Handmade Necklaces Earrings

Hats From Woven Palmfronds

Margarita T-shirts

Shopping Arts and Crafts

Terracotta Margaritan Pottery

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