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Margarita Island welcomes you!

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(Isla de Margarita) in VENEZUELA.

Find hundreds of pictures of this beautiful island. Choose one of the photo galleries on the left to start 'touring' the island with photos - or, if you're here just for a quick visit, take our quick photo tour of Margarita Island, Venezuela. Please make yourself at home. We appreciate your visit! There is a new section in the photogallery: Laberinto Tropical - botanical gardens, labyrinths, and zoo.

Margarita Island... one of the Caribbean's most beautiful islands. Even Columbus, after visiting nearly every island in the Caribbean Sea, gave Isla de Margarita her name, which means... "PEARL". He spoke of her as being the most beautiful of the islands he had discovered, and even today, there are still places on the island where that beauty is still untouched. El Yaque beach area is still known as one of the best windsurfing areas in the world. Playa El Agua (which means "water beach") is still one of the finest in the Caribbean. Multitudes of the visitors to the island return again and again, because (as they have told me)... they LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Margarita Island's popularity has been greatly kept secret for decades now, due to the fact that so many people like to keep what is known as "the best kept secret of the Caribbean" A SECRET. Our goal is to EXPOSE that secret... because we feel that it will be good for the island to have a greater number of tourists visiting each year.

Many tourists visit the island briefly while on a cruise, since various cruise ships stop at the El Guamache port. We now include a whole photo gallery of El Guamache cruiseship port.

Be sure that you take advantage of your trip to Margarita to see the tremendous variety of tropical beauty that can be found there. The most beautiful time of year to see the island is during the months of December, January, February, and March. However, there is beauty still to be seen even during the drier months as well.

Whatever you do, you owe it to yourself to go see as much of the island as possible. It offers more variety than any other in the Caribbean (and I have seen them all). Make sure and visit beaches such as El Yaque, Playa El Agua, and Playa Caribe. If you can, be sure and take a boat trip over to Coche (a nearby small island) as well. The beaches are wonderful there!

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